A revolutionary substance that feels, decides and acts

Experts at the University of Missouri have developed a revolutionary material. Photo: File

Missouri, USA: Scientists have developed a new type of substance called ‘meta-material’ which is much better than its predecessors. This new metamaterial reacts to its environment, decides independently, and even performs certain actions without humans.

For example, if a drone is made from such materials, it can improve its path by sensing wind speed, rain and other conditions and thus can safely deliver its goods to any place.

Gulyang Huang, an engineering expert at the University of Missouri, says the intelligent material they produce feels exactly like natural plants and animals, processes information and reacts to it. This means that the Venus Trap closes immediately in the presence of insects and the chameleon changes color. The same material can do this.

In this way, metamaterials can be applied to aircraft to reduce their noise and be used in many other purposes. But in order to control this material, it needs a chip so that the required work can be done. In the next phase, further work will be done on this material and it will be tested in real environment and conditions. Details are published in Nature Communications.

The research was funded by the US Air Force and Army Research Office, and was funded by the National Science Foundation.

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