Double power generating solar panel ready

The efficiency of commercially available silicon solar panels is between 15% and 18%. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Oslo: Norwegian scientists have succeeded in doubling the efficiency of ordinary solar panels by adding gallium arsenide nanoparticles. That is, it can generate twice as much electricity as ordinary solar panels of equal area.

It should be noted that nanometer-sized wires, made from gallium arsenide, are commonly used to make microprocessors called “gallium arsenide nanowires”.

Their inclusion will definitely increase the cost of solar cells and solar panels but at the same time double their efficiency which will offset that increase.

The efficiency of commercially available silicon solar panels ranges from 15 to 18 percent, which will increase to 30 to 36 percent after the addition of an additional layer of gallium arsenide nanowires.

Double efficiency means that the required area of ​​solar cell / solar panel will also be halved to generate the required electricity.

In this way, in addition to the roofs of houses, windows and balconies of apartments will also be able to generate more electricity by installing small solar panels.

This new and low-cost technique for increasing solar cell efficiency has been developed by Anjan Mukherjee and his colleagues at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and has been successfully tested in small-scale experiments.

Full details are available in the research journal ACS Photonics Recent Issues I have published.

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