Drones, flying saucers and air taxis at the same time

A new vertical takeoff and landing drone has been built and is being scaled down, according to Zeva. Photo: Zewa Company

New York: One person can sit in it, it stands on its tail, flies straight and sits, its shape is like a flying saucer and it is also a drone. The way Superman flies and lands.

Although interesting designs of manned drones have been coming out for the last five or six years, a company called Xavia has come up with this weird design and experiments are underway on a prototype equal to one eighth of the original size. It’s called Sky Dock.

It is made of carbon fiber and the designer is interested in flying saucers. Its saucer-like plate will have an actual diameter of 8 feet and weigh 317 kilograms. In the middle of it is a place for a man to stand and at the top there is a transparent glass through which the rider can see outside.

The front is fitted with petal-like propellers while the propulsion systems are mounted on the front and rear. In the first phase, a 25 kWh battery will be installed in a 20 kWh commercial model. However, special security measures have been taken to secure the entire system.

It only takes 20 seconds to get off the ground and this process makes it a vertical and take off landing (VTOL) style ride. The occupant bends his abdomen and chest forward, which makes the flying saucer-like ride tilt slightly. Propulsion and other systems then move forward.

According to the design, this machine can travel 80 kilometers at a time and can fly at a maximum speed of 257 kilometers per hour.

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