Due to evolution, extra teeth made bees carnivores

In Costa Rica, bees have begun to eat meat and have even gnashed their teeth at evolution. Photo: University of California

Riverside, USA: An anonymous bee has made an unusual discovery that in a very short period of time it has acquired extra teeth through evolutionary process and thus has become a carnivore. This carnivorous bee has also developed a special digestive system by which it can digest meat.

Usually bees do not eat meat and this bee is free from all kinds of stings. But perhaps this bee from Costa Rica, a tropical country, has developed its ability because there is already a great rush of bees on the sap of flowers.

Doug Yaniga, an entomologist at the University of California Riverside, says that to his knowledge, it is the only bee in the world that has changed so much, and that this change is possible because of its diet.

We know that there are five types of bacteria or microbes in the intestines of bees, bees (Bumblebee) and other stinging bees. But the condition of human beings is that it contains innumerable types of bacteria which change with every food.

According to Jessica Macro, another female expert, bees have not changed their gastrointestinal bacteria for millions of years. In the second phase, the experts carefully examined the digestive system of the modified bee and other bees and traveled to Costa Rica for the same.

There they planted raw chicken meat and sprinkled petroleum jelly around it so that the ants would not come close. After a while, the vultures came and started eating meat. Earlier, she used to pick flower yolks from her front legs, but now she was collecting meat from it.

In the next phase, three types of bee stings were observed, firstly carnivorous, secondly feeding on flowers and thirdly, both bee-eating and flower-loving bees. All of them were found to have acidic bacteria in their intestines and stomachs which are present in carnivorous animals such as woodpeckers.

Carnobacterium was also found in bee stings which helps in digestion of meat.

Bees never eat meat or carcasses, but this is the first time they have been seen. The most amazing thing is that in the evolutionary journey, an extra tooth has been created inside them, from which they collect the particles of flesh like the yolk of a flower.

Interestingly, these bees are also making honey in their hive which has not made any difference in its nutrition and sweetness. But experts believe that meat-digesting bacteria emit a variety of toxic compounds, and that honey must be thoroughly chemically analyzed.

Scientists are shocked to see this process because it is a unique phenomenon that has come to the knowledge of science. Therefore, further research is required.

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