Einstein’s handwritten ‘revolutionary scientific writing’ auctioned for billions of rupees

Einstein rejected the draft because of some serious technical errors

Paris: An important and revolutionary work written by the greatest scientist of the twentieth century, Albert Einstein, was auctioned yesterday at a record value of 13 million dollars (2.28 billion Pakistani rupees).

This 54-page document is the first draft of the General Theory of Relativity, with some technical errors.

Einstein worked on the document with his close friend Michael Besso in 1913 and 1914 while he was living in Zurich, Switzerland.

Most of the document is handwritten by Einstein, and in some places Besso’s handwriting is also available. The document also bears Einstein’s personal signature, confirming its authenticity.

When the document was completed, Einstein revised it, and found that it contained some significant technical errors.

Because of these mistakes, Einstein rejected the draft, but Besso took care of it and kept it carefully until his death.

After Besso, the draft went through various hands and finally reached the French auction house Aguits, which yesterday held its auction in Paris through the world-famous Christie’s auction house in the UK, attracting worldwide interest. Holders also participated via telephone and internet.

Preliminary estimates put the draft at auction for about ً 4.3 million.

Bids started at about ً 1.7 million. In just a few minutes, the bid crossed the کروڑ 10 million mark, leaving only two buyers on the phone.

Eventually, one of them bought the draft for 13 million. Christie’s has not yet identified the buyer.

Although Einstein’s handwritten items and manuscripts have been auctioned off at exorbitant prices before, the value of this document has far outweighed its value.

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Not only that, but it is also the most expensive scientific document ever sold.

The greatest scientific theory

It should be noted that the general theory of relativity has the status of the greatest theory in the physics of the twentieth century that revolutionized our thinking about the universe.

Einstein first introduced this theory in 1905 in the form of the “Special Theory of Relativity” (Special Theory of Relativity). (General Theory of Relativity).

Since then, countless experiments and observations have repeatedly proved the validity of the general theory of relativity.

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From black holes to the prediction and discovery of gravitational waves, thousands of cosmic discoveries are due to this theory.

These are the things that make the first draft (including the errors in it) extraordinarily valuable in terms of general theory of relativity.

The draft has, of course, been auctioned off for over Rs.

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