Google Chrome has added the ‘Share’ option to the address bar

With this option any web page can be shared on social media with just one click. (Photo: Express News)

Silicon Valley: Seeing the growing trend of sharing various things on social media, Google has also added the ‘Share’ option in the address bar of its popular web browser ‘Chrome’.

Let’s say that this option has been available in Android for years for the built-in Google Chrome.

Google Chrome, installed on desktop computers, has been working on this option for almost two years, but it has been included in the latest update of Chrome.

After this option is added, a small icon appears on the right side of the Chrome browser’s address bar (where the web address of any website is typed), in which an arrow pointing out of a square box can be seen. ۔

Clicking on this icon will open a drop down window with different options which have different options (from top to bottom).

In addition to copylinks, QR codes, cast and save pages, these options currently include five more options related to sharing content directly on social media.

These social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn and Pinterest on which any webpage can be shared directly, using this option.

The list is likely to be expanded in future updates to make it easier for Internet users to share social media.

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