It’s not a ball, it’s a fire extinguisher

Allied ball can be called a fire extinguishing grenade. Photo courtesy of Allied Company

New York: In the event of a fire anywhere, a cylinder-like fire extinguisher can be used, but a ball called an alloy can easily explode and extinguish a fire.

Prices range from 80 80 to 110 110, depending on the model, and are valid for seven years. The allied ball is very easy to use. It can be placed in fire sensitive areas where the ball explodes spontaneously with a slight increase in temperature and a large area fire is extinguished in seconds.

The most interesting aspect of this is that the Allied game can do its job without any human intervention and it can be placed in the risk of fire. With a slight increase in temperature, it reacts spontaneously. Due to its nature, it can be called an inverted grenade. It also has a reversal, ie if it is thrown at the place of fire, it explodes like a cold bomb and cools it.

It can be placed in electrical wiring and other places. A small ball of 19 square feet and a large ball of 60 square feet can cool a fire.

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