The American company equipped the robot dog with a dangerous rifle

Installing a rifle on a robot dog is considered dangerous and a violation of basic robotics principles. (Photos: Ghost Robotics / Sword International / Social Media)

Philadelphia: An American company “Ghost Robotics” has made the military robot dog “Vision 60” deadly by installing a dangerous sniper rifle on it.

Ghost Robotics has also tweeted about this, along with a picture of the robot. However, this tweet is very vague and does not give much details:

The tweet only reveals that the sniper rifle was designed by another American company, Sword International, and has been dubbed the “Special Purpose in Mind Rifle” (SPUR).

There is currently no word on its potential buyers, but it is estimated that the US police and military will be among its top customers.

The Sword International website further states that this sniper rifle (SPUR) can hit “precisely” from a long distance.

Whether it is day, night or whatever the situation, this sniper rifle can be used very easily.

It fires bullets from a 6.5 mm “Creedmoor” cartridge specifically designed to destroy a long-range target.

Some users on social media have called the installation of sniper rifles on robot dogs dangerous and a clear violation of basic robotics principles.

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