The cat is aware of the owner’s presence and position hidden from the eye, research says

Even if the owner is not visible, the cat can detect the exact location of their presence with their voice. (Photo: File)

Tokyo: Even if their owner disappears from the cat’s sight, they can still sense its position with its movement and sound.

Sahoo Takagi, a doctoral student at Kyoto University, says cats are also very sensitive about their owners and can detect their exact position only by gestures. In this way she mentally monitors her owner, even a standing or sitting cat realizes her owner’s invisible presence.

Sahu herself raises cats and is interested in their sensitive ears and hearing. The cat can turn its ears in different directions and draw a map from the incoming sounds in which it can sense someone’s presence.

In addition to hearing cats, cats also recognize the physical presence of humans. In the first experiment, recorded voices of their owners were heard on speakers that were kept away from each other. In the experiment, the owner’s voice was heard first on one and then on the other speaker.

Cats get into trouble when the owner’s voices keep moving between the two speakers. Other experiments have shown that cats detect the presence of surroundings and owners. As such, their brains are relatively complex and require further research.

Ingrid Johnson, a certified cat psychiatrist, says that with age, cats get closer to their owners and become anxious. She knows her boss’s voice well and can tell the difference between strangers’ voices.

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