These buildings will absorb thousands of tons of carbon dioxide!

The project, called “Urban Sequoia”, will provide thousands of homes and absorb 1,000 tons of carbon dioxide. (Photo: SOM)

California: An American company has designed eco-friendly buildings that will reduce air pollution by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air.

A construction company called “Skidmore, Evening and Merle” (SOM) has dubbed its project “Urban Sequoia”.

Sequoia is actually the name of a very large redwood tree in California, after which the project is named.

It is a project of high-rise buildings spread over a large area, which will be built in a special way, in such a way that they will not only provide housing to the people but also act as carbon dioxide absorbing towers.

In each such building, plants will be placed on each floor, but at the same time, after a few floors, one floor will be dedicated to small trees.

In addition, a special space will be placed between each of the two floors in which carbon dioxide will be absorbed and passed through the filtration system and will be conveyed to the tree and plant area through special pipes.

According to SOM, This plan In addition to providing housing for thousands of people, it will be able to absorb 1,000 tons of carbon dioxide throughout the year.

That’s about the same amount of carbon dioxide that 48,500 trees absorb in a year.

It should be noted that 40% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions are from the construction industry, which efforts are underway in various ways to reduce.

The “Urban Sequoia” project is one of those efforts aimed at not only reducing carbon dioxide emissions but also reducing this important greenhouse gas.

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