This ‘Kalashnikov car’ will run on electricity!

This electric car will be able to cover a distance of about 150 km at a speed of 80 km per hour. (Photo: Internet)

Moscow: The Russian company, which manufactures AK-47 rifles, also known as Kalashnikovs, has begun work on electric vehicles, which will likely be introduced in the next few years.

According to reports, the Kalashnikov company started work on electric vehicles in 2018 and a basic design called ‘CV1’ was designed in this regard.

A prototype of the first electric Kalashnikov car (UV4) is being developed using it.

The prototype design estimates that the electric car will be able to cover a distance of about 150 km at a speed of 80 km per hour once its batteries are fully charged.

In addition to the EV4 prototype, some other models of electric vehicles, including a small car like a three-wheeled rickshaw, were recently discovered in the database of Russia’s Federal Institute of Intellectual Property.

New computer-generated images show that the basic design of the UV4 is the same, although some changes have been made to the appearance of the new model.

The UV4 prototype is 11 feet long, 5 feet wide and 5.5 feet high which is not very comfortable but is definitely equipped with a variety of digital devices including probably augmented reality windscreen (car windshield).

It should be noted that today electric cars are not a new thing but are being sold in many countries including China, USA, Canada, UK and most of the European countries. However, in this race, Russia is behind.

The arrival of the Kalashnikov Company in the field of electric vehicles will give Russia a chance to move faster in this business and create a better place for itself.

Only time will tell how popular the Kalashnikov’s electric cars are and whether they will gain the same popularity as their Kalashnikov rifles.

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