Unique speaker that separates microplastics from wastewater

Microplastics have also become a serious problem of environmental pollution today. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Seattle: Indonesian engineers have developed a new technology for separating microplastics from plastics in wastewater using sound power, using special speakers.

It should be noted that microplastics, like other types of plastics, have become a serious problem of environmental pollution today, which can pose a serious threat to the health and life of not only humans but also aquatic animals.

The invention was made by Dhani Arifanto, an engineer at the Sepolova November Institute of Technology, and his colleagues. Prototype Presented at the 181st Meeting of the Acoustic Society of America, which began in Seattle, USA on November 29 and will continue until December 3.

The prototype consists of two speakers that simultaneously emit sound waves of special frequency (sound waves) that pressurize the water flowing slowly in a thin tube.

Microplastics in water separate due to the pressure and vibration of sound waves.

Going further, this tube splits into three more small tubes. The purified water goes into the right and left tubes, while the microplastic water enters the small tubule in the middle.

According to Arifanto, the prototype can clean up to 150 liters of water an hour.

Although the prototype performed differently in cleaning different types of microplastics, it cleaned an average of 56% of microplastics from domestic contaminated water, compared to 58% for seawater.

“Our invention is still in the prototype stage,” said Arifanto. ‘

They are now working to further develop this prototype so that it can be finalized as soon as possible and enabled for mass production and sale.

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